WATCH | ‘Way Up’ by Afro-Asian musician Xander Pratt highlights Basilan tourism in music video

International artist Xander Pratt kicks off his 17-piece music release with “Way Up” –  a no-nonsense self-love RnB anthem with its music video shot in Basilan, Philippines.  The MV was produced by AsiaTV Studios owned by Regine Guevara.

The “Way Up” music video features the city of Isabela in Basilan, Mindanao as its backdrop, putting the island in a totally different light – inspiring us to explore a tourist destination often misunderstood, offering us a  glimpse of the untapped potential and beauty that lies within. In the MV, Basilan emerges as a symbol of hope, resilience, and unity that goes well with the upbeat tune and feel-good lyrics of the Afro-Asian hit.  “Way Up” is one of the 17 songs from Pratt’s “Fireflies: Follow the Magic” album.

The song release came after Pratt’s successful “Lost Tablets” painting collection launch, Afro-Asian art exhibits and stage performances in Manila.

The Zimbabwe-born musician, painter and fashion designer who was previously based in Morocco has chosen the Philippines as his new artistry hub. The Earthsavers UNESCO Artist for Peace organization co-sponsored Xander’s artist residency in the Philippines, paving way to his 17-song music project with videos all shot across the 17 regions of the country.

Named “Artist of the Year” recently by the International Youth Center under the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Malaysia, Xander is set to start his music tour dubbed as “Fireflies: The Asia Tour” with its first stop in the Philippines, then Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Hong Kong, among others, later in the year.

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Having traveled the world, Pratt uses his artistry, be it in music, painting and design, to deliver a message of art as a vessel of personal and collective freedom.

Xander Pratt

Africa, like Asia and the rest of the “Global South”, is the oldest inhabited continent on earth and home to the youngest populations – which makes for a noteworthy case for Asia-Africa connectivity. Pratt, a talented advocate and creator of Afro-Asian music, truly believes that the heart of diplomacy and business between Africa and Asia can use arts, tunes and lyrics as universal language to truly connect.

A recent member of the International Theatre Institute, he also spent the first part of this year writing the screenplay of an upcoming all-black-produced Hollywood superhero film — with the support of Mayor Djalia Hataman of Isabela, Basilan.

Xander’s other original songs entitled “Don’t Hold Back” and “Oxyfire” are also available on Spotify and Youtube. The songs along with “Way Up” are a tribute to the rising tourism and creative industries in what was an often-forgotten, post-conflict island of Basilan.

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