15 best wellness experiences you can have throughout the whole of Australia

From breathtaking landscapes to cool, liveable cities, friendly, hospitable locals to scrumptious gourmet cuisine – and have we mentioned fine wines yet? – Australia has all the right ingredients for a fun-filled vacay.

And for wellness junkies seeking a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation for the mind, body and soul, they won’t be disappointed either. The Land Down Under is also home to a wide array of health and wellness getaways that offer plenty of opportunities for you to find your inner bliss.

With eco-lodges, relaxing spas and beach-y getaways, no matter which state or territory you are visiting, a rejuvenating bout of self-care is at hand.

Here are our picks of the most restorative retreats across Australia to explore – now all you have to do is choose where to go.


Two sanctuaries await in the heart of New South Wales, promising an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of life. For a deep immersion into the “spiritual and healing capital of Australia”, head to the lush subtropical Byron Bay hinterland which has been regarded as a sacred healing ground for over 20,000 years, according to Aboriginal Australian legend. This is where beloved lifestyle getaway Gaia Retreat & Spa, which was co-founded by the late actress Olivia Newton-John in 2005, is located.

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